BeamZ Professional Star-Color 720 Double Wash Light

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Star-Color 720 Double Wash Light


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The Star-Color 720W is a professional LED Architectural projector, consisting of two LED panels. The Star-Color 720 is designed for refined wall-washing and compatible for both architectural and entertainment applications. This impressive and robust high power LED fixture is IP66 rated and hence for outdoor and indoor use. The construction of the chassis is die-cast aluminum and tempered glass with no usage of fans for ventilation. Ready-made flightcases are also available! (for safe transport)
  • 48x 15W Leistungsstarken 5-in-1 LEDs
  • Doppel Star colour mit RGBWA Farbmischung und zwei LED Panels
  • RGBWA Farbwechsel
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 oder 12 DMX Kanäle
  • Zur Fassadenbeleuchtung
  • Kühlung über Gehäuse
  • Statische Farben
  • Interne Programme
  • Die LED Panels lassen sich neigen und fixieren, um eine ideale Ausleuchtung zu gewährleisten
  • Auto-modus mit einstellbarer Geschwindigkeit
  • DMX und Stand-alone Modus
  • Master/slave Funktion
  • Control panel mit LCD Anzeige
  • IP66 Klassifizierung, geeignet für Außenbereich


Light intensity Total 19664lux @ 1m
No. of colours 5
Colours Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber
Flash rate per second 1 - 19Hz
DMX channels 3(Arc1), 3(HSV), 4 (Ar1.d), 5 (Arc.2), 6 (Ar2.d), 7 (Ar2.s), 12 (STG)
IP rating IP66
Power supply 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Consumption 600W
Dimensions 500 x 200 x 405mm
Weight 19.1kg

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