About Tronios


Individually unique but strong together.

The Tronios Group comes from the SkyTronic group (founded in 1998), which quickly became one of the major players on the European market of consumer electronics.

The own brands: SkyTronic & SkyTec represent a strong and steady name in the Sound & Light industry

The new brands Power Dynamics and BeamZ guarantee high quality professional products for the high-end sound & light industry

Meanwhile the Tronios Group is already active in 40+ countries, with a distribution network that supplies the entire European Union.

Remaning competetive.

The always changing electronics market is the perfect playing field for the Tronios Group. Our focussed product portfolio holds the following category's: Sound, Light, Consumer Electronis and Audio.

Our experienced team of buyers, supported by a strong team of product managers, ensure that the overall portfolio is always up to date with the latest additions. Tronios is known for its excellent value for money

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The Tronios catalog, which pubished its 10th edition, has been an experience over the years. Evolving from a booklet of 74 pages to a book container over 200 pages of Sound & Light products. Printed in several languages and focusing on Sound and Light products. All marketing activities are made in house by our own marketing department. This allows us to quickly respond to the needs of the customers and adapt the perfect and optimal support that's needed.


Our marketing department has expanded their skills in developing and maintaining our multilungual website. www.tronios.com has been designed to give you quick and easy access to all product and technical information. Even as stock information together with buying prices for you as Tronios dealer.

The website visitors can view our total portfolio and be kept up to date with new products, stock alerts and more.

The Tronios Team

The Tronios Team comprises an experienced gorup of people who have proven themselves in the Sound & Light industry. This team knows that quick communication is key. It is this quick communication that ensures our customers are helped quickly and efficiently. It repeatedly showed that the creative and innovative power of the Tronios Team has a high value for our customers.


Tronios prides itself on its unique level of service, from the first day of trading we have always offered quick delivery, which is essential in today's business climate. Most of our customers don't want to hold a large amount of stock, preferring to replenish stocks as they are sold. Our commitment to quick delivery allows them to achieve this; with most customers ordering two or three times a week, secure in the knowledge that they will have their order delivered promptly.

Tronios are able to offer this quick service due, not only to the high stock level that is maintained, but also to the dedicated, hardworking warehouse and logistics teams who ensure that all orders are ready for dispatch the same day they are received.

Technical excellence

The technical department is charged with the task of monitoring and controlling the quality of both existing and new products. Each new product undergoes a stringent quality control procedure to ensure its suitability and compliance with relevant standards. Regular checks ensure the product quality is maintained across shipments to ensure any technical issues are resolved before they become problems.

By organising ongoing "product awareness" sessions for all members of the Tronios team, a high level of technical product knowledge is available at all levels of the company with most technical queries solved quickly and efficiently with a simple phone call.