Power Dynamics PD722H 2-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System with 2 Microphones

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SRP: €179.95
SKU: 179.140
EAN: 8715693266535

PD722H 2-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System with 2 Microphones


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A professional dual channel reliable UHF wireless microphone system with two handheld microphones with rubber finish working on 2 different frequencies, combined with a PLL receiver. The PLL synthesizer ensures an accurate transmission. The microphone system operates in the 863-865 MHz band and is convenient for presentations, music and other applications.

  • Dual UHF channels per system
  • 2x Handheld microphones
  • PLL oscillator
  • Rubberised coating on microphone for minimal handling noise
  • Receiver equipped with LED VU meter
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs
  • Suitable for 19" rack
  • Aluminium case

Additional Information

Operating frequency 863.9 and 864.9 MHz or 863.1 and 864.5
RF output <10mW
Dynamic range >80dB
Frequency response 60Hz - 15kHz
Frequency stability 0.002%PLL
THD <0.5%
Signal to noise ratio >80dB
Input sensitivity 50uS
Audio output +/-400mV
Power supply 230Vac - 50Hz
Receiver:Dimensions 200 x 480 x 44mm
Microphone:Dimensions 51 x 241mm
Receiver:Weight 1.7kg
Microphone:Weight 0.25kg

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