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  1. Floorstand with boom, height 1.6m, black
    SRP: €24.95
    SKU: 180.024
    High quality, stable microphone stand... Learn More
  2. DB5 Foldable DJ Screen 120 x 70 (4 Panels)
    SRP: €149.95
    SKU: 180.035

    The disco lighting screen is perfect to hide cables and ... Learn More

  3. DJ Laptop Stand
    SRP: €26.95
    SKU: 180.040

    This laptop stand is a solid, completely demountable and ... Learn More

  4. DJ Laptop Stand with Tray
    SRP: €32.95
    SKU: 180.043

    This metal laptop stand with adjustable height and width ... Learn More

  5. Microphone kit with carry bag.
    SRP: €44.95
    SKU: 180.059
    Complete microphone and stand kit with carry bag. The kit ... Learn More
  6. Music Sheet Stand Holed Sheet
    SRP: €34.95
    SKU: 180.152
    Sheet music stand with large sheet holder of 48 x 34cm... Learn More
  7. Speaker Mounting Plate
    SRP: €9.95
    SKU: 180.178
    Mounting plate for speakers... Learn More
  8. Speaker Stand black
    SRP: €29.95
    SKU: 180.180
    Black aluminum stand with lockable height adjustment... Learn More
  9. Speaker wall brackets
    SRP: €32.95
    SKU: 180.185
    A strong wall bracket for speakers fitted with a tophat. ... Learn More
  10. Speaker wall brackets
    SRP: €39.95
    SKU: 180.186
    A strong wall bracket for speakers fitted with a tophat. ... Learn More
  11. Speaker Stand Pro black 80kg
    SRP: €53.00
    SKU: 180.191

    This solid metal speaker stand is strong and suitable for... Learn More

  12. Keyboard Stand Easy Locking
    SRP: €23.95
    SKU: 180.209
    Keyboard stand fitted with 36cm bars. Quick lock for fast ... Learn More
  13. Monitor Stand Adjustable
    SRP: €39.95
    SKU: 180.215

    Triangular height adjustable monitor stand in 5 steps. ... Learn More

  14. Music Sheet Stand foldable black
    SRP: €17.50
    SKU: 180.233
    Fully foldable music stand... Learn More
  15. Speaker Mounting Tubes Set
    SRP: €49.95
    SKU: 180.548
    A set of two adjustable top hat speaker mounting tubes... Learn More
  16. Speakerstand kit with bag
    SRP: €49.95
    SKU: 180.550

    The two speaker stands are easy to set-up and fully ... Learn More

  17. Table Stand Short 15cm
    SRP: €11.95
    SKU: 188.018
    Desktop microphone stand. 15cm in height... Learn More
  18. Table stand Microphone foldable
    SRP: €15.95
    SKU: 188.024

    A sturdy microphone stand, with 3 foldable legs, for ... Learn More

18 Item(s)

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